Thursday, September 23, 2004

A picture of a comfortghan I assembled

Still learning this html, so now I will try to upload a picture! :-) I love to crochet and am a member of a crochet group called Heartmade Blessings. Squares are made by volunteers and donated to volunteer assemblers and afghans are made to bring comfort to someone who is ill or has lost a loved one. Their website will better explain their mission. You can just click on their name above to reach their website or click here.

Back in March, a cousin lost her 33 year old daughter to a heart attack. Heidi left behind a 3 year old daughter. A comfortghan was made for Heidi's mother, Nancy, and a bearghan was made for CeCe, Heidi's young daughter. I accepted 12" squares from donaters and assembled the afghan for Nancy. Pat Liles, HMB's official Bearghan maker, sent a bearghan to me to deliver to CeCe. It was adorable. Here is a picture of Nancy's comfortghan.

HMB Comfortghan for Nancy Slater Posted by Hello

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