Sunday, February 27, 2005

Thank you, Juli!

Thank you those of you who let me know that my blog looked alright, though on my end my entire right column was shifting to the bottom. However, I noticed that other internet pages were displaying the typeset larger than normal, so I thought it must be something on my end, though I didn't know where to look. Thanks to Juli, she suggested on IE to click on View and check the Text Size, that it should be on Medium...and sure enough, that was my problem! It was set on Largest! So I clicked on Medium, checked my blog, and my entire right column was back up where it belonged! And I learned something new, too! Thank you again, Juli.

Now, it seems the bottom of my blog, at the footer, is experiencing some marginal errors...but I'm not going to mess with it right now. I've had enough of the technical stuff. I need to go crochet something!

And are any of you seeing the light pink in the body of my blog change to dark pink a little ways down? I've heard a few comments about that. But it looks alright on my end! I'm very confused as you might imagine. ha ha! But later!


Marvie said...

Well, I do see the change from light to dark pink.... though I can't offer any advice on how you might fix it... because I just don't know enough about that stuff *g*

Anonymous said...

It's most likely your template uses code that IE renders correctly, but is not standard and therefore Firefox does not render it correctly. IE tries to "fix" problems for you, so if you're only using IE to view your website, it often looks okay when it's not. Also, Microsoft/IE doesn't always stick to the standards as they should be implemented, instead "improves" them.

Confusing, huh? When I get home this evening I'll try looking through your source code and seeing if I can figure out what's going on.

Cville Pal :)

noricum said...

I see the change to light pink to dark too. I've noticed it for quite a while, although I think on occasion it does work fine. The interesting thing is that the blocky colour bits repeat fine down the side. I suspect one of the items in the sidebar is messing it up... I think the background is fine until something in the sidebar loads and confuses the browser. But that's just a guess.