Thursday, February 24, 2005

This 'n' that

The weather has been so Spring-like these past few days, that though it is gray and drizzly outside today, it's still a nice day. The temperature is mild and we're still able to keep a few windows open to let the fresh air drift through the house. Nothing like fresh air...unless a person is really affected by pollen and all those other wonderful spring allergens floating through the air.

Today and I had all three children ready to head to Walmart and we were ready in record-time. Pulled the door shut behind us and headed to the carport...NO CAR! Oh, don't worry, it wasn't stolen. DH has it because our other car wouldn't start last week. It'll start with a jump, but one can't jump it off everytime they want to go somewhere. We don't know if it's the battery or alternator and when he has a free moment to look at it, he'll fix it. But it was a little disconcerting to be ready to go and there be no car there! I mean, you have to re-work your whole mindset then because you had it all set in one direction and to have your plans abruptly come to a halt, it's kinda weird. Maybe this is only "mommy-brain", but it took me a few minutes after coming back inside to figure out what we were going to do next, to shift gears and go in another direction. DH won't be home for another 3 1/2 hrs and who knows if I'll feel like making that trip to Walmart then! A lot can happen in 3 hours! Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Mommies, maybe?

So now that my plans have been thwarted, I think I'll just make this a crochet day. I'm going to sit down and play in the yarn. I was looking through my pattern stash (magazines, books, loose papers) and found LOTS of WIMs! I'd see something and say "Oh, I want to do that!" and set the pattern aside, and then another "Oh, that too!" and set it aside, until I had quite a pile of projects to do! Sometimes I get paralyzed into not doing anything when I set aside so many, but I think I won't let that happen today. Most of these are small projects, so I'm just gonna pick one and go with it, finish it, then pick another. It'll be a great day to crochet. Ooh, and here's comes the sun!

So that's what I'm doing today! What will ya'll be doing? Leave me a comment or email me!

Bye for now!


Jamie said...

Hi Karla,

No kids here, but I do know what you mean about being all ready for one thing, then having to abruptly change's a weird, "lost" feeling! LOL But look at it this way - when DH comes home, you can leave the kids with him and head to Walmart *alone* - works out great all the way around! :-)

Today I'm working (can you tell? LOL), and then when I get home, it's back to work on the baby afghan I'm working on for a friend. I got the center done and one of the rectangles started yesterday when I was home sick, and I'd like to finish the rectangle and at least one square tonight while watching TV with my DH after dinner. :-)

Enjoy the spring weather - we have that here too, and it's very odd in a month when we're supposed to be buried under snow!

Leah said...


I was reading through my crochet blogs and decided to do some clicking on the different blogs. I wanted to invite you to my new website for crocheters/knitters. You might recongize some other bloggers there.

I look foward to meeting you and learning more from your skill.


Mitzi said...

I haven't had that happen - though too often I get all the way outside with the door locked and realize I don't have my keys....

Today I had GREAT plans of working on my Ripple Along project but I keep findins stupid things to do instead. I don't know why I'm dreading finishing it - there's less than 20 rows left on the afghan. Ugh! I've managed to wind all of my son's yarns and do a few loads of laundry, dishes, etc. instead....back to the grind! Have a good day!!!

Rebecca said...

I know just what you mean, I did it like a month ago and for the same reason, the 2nd car's battery was dead. LOL, yeah it stinks alright. enjoy your crochet time!!

Lulu said...

Hi Karla, went to michaels today for some Ocean color yarn, they were all out..I started a new blankie yesterday with the Ocean, so i am headed to Wallmart..
Hope you had a great day crocheting..

Juli said...

Did you enjoy your crochet day?? I hope so!!

I can sympathize with you about temporarily being down to one car. The starter went out of Hubby's car, so we've been sharing mine. And the days he drives himself to work seem to be the days I want to get out and go somewhere. :o) Something about not having a car available just makes me want to go to Walmart, the mall...anywhere! :o))

Maria-NYC said...

Hi Karla, just Maria here, I am having the same type of crochet day here in NYC, we are actually snow home bound. I will be working on a hook holder for a friend's birthday present. Enjoy your crochet day