Monday, March 21, 2005

Andrea's "Table Time"

My thanks to Andrea for her post "Table Time"! I always wondered how you others posted those progress bars indicating how far along you were in a project. Andrea explained it perfectly, providing the html code, too. I've added the html to my blog and hope to add a few of my WIPs in the next few days. I hope being able to make those progress bars doesn't make me start having a lot of WIPs (work in progress) just so that I can put those pretty bars on my blog! But then, maybe that's a good thing. I hear having several projects going on at once helps alleviate some of the boredom that may arise from doing one project and not having something else to crochet or knit on the side. Well, there's my first progress bar.

Now would someone else like to explain to me how to have a 'list' on another site (where?) that a button on my blog links to for those longer lists on my blog that might look more tidy as a link. Are those secondary 'pages'? And how does one get a second page? For example, my Crochet Wish List...where can I put the list so that I can simply have the button on my blog, minus the long list, that you can click and be transferred to the long list? Know what I mean? That's my next "how do you do it?" question.

Thank you for any help any of you can give me!

Oh, and Andrea also mentioned this site "Who Links To Me". Interesting! I've got it up!

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noricum said...

Welcome. Glad I could help. :)