Thursday, March 3, 2005

Calling all Doll lovers! Can you identify this doll?

Ok, I've been searching for the name of this doll for years now and surely someone out there knows this beauty! She was my favorite doll (the one I most remember) when I was a little girl. Her most memorable feature was her Peach-fuzz skin on her face! It was so soft! Unfortunately, it was very hard to wash her face because of this texture/fabric on her face, and it eventually would peel off, but she was still loved. I don't know what ever happened to my doll, but I saw these pictures of me with her from my great-grandmother's photo collection. I had all but forgotten this doll until I saw these pictures, and now I want to know who she was! My greater dream would be to have her again, obviously not my original one, but I'd love to know if this doll is still out there. But I can't possible begin to stalk ebay for her if I don't know by what name she went by.

Here are two pictures of her. This was taken about 1974, I believe, in Atlanta, Georgia (I don't know how much dolls are of nationwide interest or if they're more geographically popular). Anyone recognize her? Again, she had peach-fuzz skin, and I believe her bunting was pink. She was beautiful.

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