Tuesday, March 1, 2005



Just not here! Boo hoo! My mom is getting snow up in North Georgia (5 hrs from me). My dad was getting flurries (3 hrs from me) and we just got the cold!

But we did get clear blue skies and sunshine today, so I cannot complain.

My friend, Juli, created a new pattern and has posted it on her blog (just click on her name). It's a great Angel bookmark! She did a really good job on it. Here's the picture of the one I made testing her pattern. I look forward to making more.

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withahook said...

We had a teeny tiny bit of snow sticking to the ground this morning when we woke up. Then the sun came out and it disappeared, but the flurries kept on all day long. Not bad, I just wish we had a little bit more than what we got. :o)