Thursday, March 24, 2005

What if it were you...

Thank you to Rosesandtea for the links to blogs about Terri Schiavo. I'll repeat them here in case you missed her post.

No matter what your position on Terri's situation, I think it is a excellent reminder to prepare all necessary documents instructing those in authority as to your wishes in a similar situation now while you're able.

But as for Terri's situation, let's also remember, that according to reports that I've heard (and that can certainly be flawed as we never know when we're being told the truth or not unless we're THERE), Terri was NOT on "life-support" machines. There are no machines breathing for her, or making her heart pump, etc. She was being FED, which anyone should expect should they not be able to feed themselves for whatever reason. How many other people are laying in hospitals, who are being 'supported' by nutrition and hydration methods because they can't feed themselves? Shall we stop feeding them, too?

Terri has two loving parents who beg to have her to care for her. Terri has a 'husband' who desires to let her die because "HE SAYS" she didn't want to be on life-support (but remember, she was being FED, not having her body artificially sustained with machines functioning for organs that cannot support themselves). He supposedly has legal rights, which outweigh her parents' rights, to make decisions for her since she cannot make them for herself. Well, consider this. I believe he gave up his "husband" rights, when he took on another "wife" and had children with his girlfriend while his wife lay in a hospital helpless. I might understand on a human level him having an "affair" while his wife is unable to be with him, (it doesn't excuse it and still is not right) but to continue having a relationship with another woman and have children while his wife lay in a hospital for years? In my mind, forget the marriage certificate. Michael Schiavo has transferred his 'husbandry' to another women, because in this country a man can be married to ONE woman. In this case, he's married ON PAPER to one woman and married to another woman IN DEED (here in the South, and perhaps in other parts of the country, that is called a "common-law marriage")! So I believe the courts need to disregard this "husband's" "rights" to speak for his wife when he has clearly made the choice to be 'married' to another woman. I'm reasonably sure his marriage vows to Terri included "in sickness and in health...for better or for worse". So if he has broken his vows to Terri, his rights to speak for her should also be severed.

Search the 'net. There's plenty of information out there. Read the newspapers from the beginning when this entire situation began for Terri. There's more to this situation than we're being told presently. It's not as simple as it appears.

My final opinion (it's my blog, after all) is give Terri to her parents and let the husband go on with his life with his mistress. Her parents have begged him to divorce Terri and let them care for her. Why would anyone refuse such a caring request? He's cleared to move on, and Terri is given the right to continue being cared for since she is unable to care for herself. Why is this a difficult case? The solution is very easy.

It reminds me of the story where King Solomon, the wisest King there ever was, in trying to decide who the real mother to a child was (i.e Who TRULY loved the child) made the decision to cut the child in half so that both "mothers" could have the child. But the REAL mother, full of love for her child, told the king to give the other woman her child, rather than to see her child divided. If Michael had TRUE love for his wife, Terri, (though his actions of keeping a girlfriend and having children with his girlfriend shows the opposite) he would surely rather see her being cared for by her parents than to see her dead.

Those are my thoughts today on Terri's behalf.


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Kari Holtz said...

Well Said!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosesandtea said...

Right on!

You know what I'm thinking though, I'm scared for Michael Schiavo. If Terri dies, and there's no investigation, he may well think he's gotten away with everything. (whatever that may be).
But he, like we all, will meet his Judge someday.

I'm thinking that if all the truth comes out and he is confronted with whatever it is that he will be confronted with (now or later!)perhaps earthly judgment will make him realize that there is a heavenly judgment as well. But perhaps God is allowing the earthly judgment to be stopped for His own reason - to judge the US, to give M.S. more time to repent, I don't know what else.

I have felt very strongly about Terri and her plight but I confess that I have not also prayed for Michael Schiavo as well. I think that his plight, in the end, may be much worse than Terri's.

azurerose said...

I will not get into the situation of the marriage and common-law/mistress conversation only to say that he should of divorced the first before moving on.

My main comment is that feeding a body with a tube is the same (in my humble opinion) as having a machine breathing to sustain my life.

In which case, many of us do not wish to be kept alive in such ways. For me, when it is time for my body to stop naturally then I wish to go on over to our Father in heaven.

Personally if one makes a "Living Will" it should be specified exactly what they do not wish. And I would hope the rest of the family would leave it as it is written. Being kept on a feeding tube for over 3 months without coming out to a life of rehabilitation is a little too long for me. However, it is my understanding that once the medical field finds there is a "Living Will" they can NOT put life support or keep your body alive with any means. ???? Has that changed?

It is very natural for your loved ones to wish to do all they can and not lose you. However, living as a vegtable is not life in it's fullest.

I hope I have not offended anyone with my opinion.

Wishing each of you sunshine and roses.