Monday, April 18, 2005

Answers.. and My Daughter Is In Trouble!

Regarding my previous post about Linguistics, thank you to Andrea who explained to me what a "cruller" was...a honey-glazed doughnut. Wow - an interesting term to what I've always called a "glazed doughnut"! Of course, I'm sure a "cruller" is probably more than just a glazed doughnut...then again, maybe not?

And to answer azurerose, the URL is linked within the title at the bottom of the results "What Kind of American English Do You Speak?" Click on that title and it'll take you right to the site. Or you can click here.

And my daughter is in trouble. See, I told you all that she was a smart 7 year old! Only she is not so smart when she posts on MY blog! I don't mind her posting comments once in awhile. But posting? I told her that it was a big no-no. She does have her own blog after all. I don't expect she'll do it again. She knows that I was very disappointed to see her post on MY blog...what a smarty...I still love her, though.

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noricum said...

The shape matters too. If you do a google images search for "cruller", you'll see what I mean. ;)