Monday, May 30, 2005

Spring affects animals

But then, it is SUMMER here with the 90 degree temps! I had to share with ya'll some pictures that can't help but make me grin. The first is a mockingbird having a few words with a neighbor's cat who happens to be under our car. This mockingbird is a dare-devil, swooping out of the sky to dive into the cat. This goes on EVERY DAY! I think there must be nests nearby. Unfortunately, Tommy saw another neighborhood cat catch a mockingbird that got just a little too close. This one was safe, however.

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As for this second picture....well, as I told my 7 year old daughter who found these two creatures and asked me why one was on top of the other..."Well, hon, they're hugging!"

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Allena said...

LOL those pix are funny! i love the colors of the salamanders (is that what they are?)

Rosesandtea said...

Cute photos! you must have a good camera!

I've been praying about the situation with Tommy. I read the newspaper articles you linked to just before I left for vacation and didn't have time to comment or reach you before I left. PTL that the truth is being found out. May God bless your husband for his honesty and bravery.

kelley said...

dad said that that baby brown lizard was giving a ride to the mommy

kelley said...

those are lizards and they are not creatures they are reptiles