Friday, June 24, 2005

Silk yarns & the love of Doilies

Taking a moment from house-sitting to drop in and tell you about a site with beautiful silk yarns. I read Atouria's interesting post "Dyeing for Vegans" and learned with dismay that some silks are retrieved for making silk yarns by gathering and boiling the silk cocoons! Ugh! There are beautiful moths in those cocoons! I had never even considered how silk was retrieved for making the luxurious silk yarns. Thankfully, she posted an alternative supplier, The Wool Peddler and South West Trading Company, of silk yarns who hopefully are more gentle to the silk moth. So check it out! My budget doesn't allow me to indulge in such luxurious yarn, but like I commented to Atouria, I just might have to set aside some money a little at a time so that I can indulge in some luscious silk.

While reading Julie's blog, I read her post pointing us to Vera's post "Does Debbie Diss Doilies?" I was not aware of a doily controversy, so I jumped over to Vera's blog to read on. A very interesting post. Loved it. I also really LOVED this comment Sara made:

"Part of the "coolness" of doilies is the fact that they exist simply to be beautiful ..."

Isn't that a lovely statement?

Doilies do exist simply to be beautiful.

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Atouria said...

Hi Karla! Thanks for linking my blog.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my little ramble about silk production. I also want to let you know that soy silk from SWTC isn't made from silk at all; it's actually made from tofu leftovers! Isn't that neat? I'm knitting with their bamboo yarn right now, but I have the soy silk next on my list.

It's great to meet ya!