Tuesday, July 12, 2005

CNN Interview with Tommy

Ok, latest news indicates that CNN's interview with hubby will air Wednesday, July 13, on Paula Zahn, Now. It looks like her program airs at 8 pm ET on CNN. Tommy was interviewed about illegal activities he witnessed and reported at the prison where he worked. Let's hope we finally get to see the interview. It's been getting pushed back considering the other news that has been happening (London bombing, Hurricane Dennis, etc.)


withahook said...

Oh excellent! I can program my recorder for that! Thanks!

Scott said...

Karla, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I didn't know if you would return, so I wanted to share with you the comment I wrote in response:

"Karla, Thank you so much for bringing your first-hand perspective to the conversation. I never imagined I'd be able to relay this message to your husband, but please let him know that I, for one, as a Georgian, am very proud of Tommy Cardell. Doing the "right thing" is often talked about, but true examples are far too rare. It's unfortunate that it sometimes takes extreme measures to change the status quo, but I feel thankful that people like your husband are there when it's the public that needs protecting."

Rosesandtea said...

I don't think I'll be able to see it over here, but I wish I could!