Monday, July 4, 2005

Juli Wyant, do not read this, at least not yet - REALLY! Move along!

That should get a particular person's attention. Image hosted by

Seriously, Juli, if you are reading this, STOP!!! Do not proceed any further. Image hosted by You just can't. You'll understand later. In fact, my blog is off limits to you until ... until Friday! (Do ya'll really think she's going to go away and stop reading this? She's not the curious kind, is she? She does know how to do what she's told, doesn't she?) Well, don't say I didn't warn you, Juli! You'll ruin a surprise if you don't go away! Now, shoo! Go knit something! Image hosted by

Now to give her another chance to leave, in case she is sticking around, Image hosted by let me wish all Americans a Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy those delicious backyard barbeques, the cool, refreshing swimming pools , and especially the explosive, colorful fireworks! I hope we can go enjoy some fireworks tonight. I don't know who, if anyone, in this town or a neighboring town is having a display tonight. Surely there's a show somewhere. I'll let you know if we find something for our family to enjoy.

Ok, now that Mrs. Juli is gone, I just wanted to show ya'll what I did for her little Joshie. For all of you who don't know, he is turning 1 year old on Thursday, July 7th! So be sure to go visit her blog and convey your best wishes to her and him! On Thursday, though! Not today! You even have time to drop a card in the mail to him if you are so inclined. Wouldn't that surprise her to get lots of cards in the mail for Joshua's First Birthday???!!! Go ahead, do it!

Meanwhile, I felt like making one. No, I didn't crochet a card, or even knit one! More like scrapped it. Take a look! My first one!

Joshua Wyant is turning 1 on July 7th! Enjoy the journey, Joshua!

The theme is about how life is like a tour of the world and there are many roads from which to choose as you go along and many ways to travel. So I traced and cut out various vehicles to embellish the card. I just created it as I went along and didn't really have a plan. All I knew was that I wanted to use this vehicle template that I had, so I built the theme of the card around it. I definitely had to take a picture of my first handmade card. I thought it turned out nicely. What do you think?


Juli said...

This is actually Mike, Juli's Husband, She didn't read this, but I did.
I think this is Great of you! Juli will love it, and Josh will also in the Future. Now, not only is Josh's Birthday on the 7th, but Juli's Birthday is on the 11th. Our Address is 301 Dogwood Lane, Spindale NC, 28160. Surprise her good! She will love it!

kelley said...

its a pop up train mom made it herself

Lulu said...

thats adorable Karla..
happy 4th..

CC said...

Hi Karla! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I also enjoyed yours! I agree that we have alot of things in common: kids, sahm, crochetville, crochetlist, etc...what is your user id for CLCAT? mine is the same as my email- vatonc... oh- what Exchanges do you do over on CL? I'm in the dishcloth, potholder, 12" square, and I'm thinking of joining another square swap soon

Karla said...

Ok, I was worried at first when I saw "Juli" on my comments, but thankfully it was hubby Mike! Thank you for posting your address, Mike, so that everyone could surprise Josh with cards on the 7th and Juli with cards on the 11th! C'mon everyone! Drop a card in the mail to Juli for her birthday on Monday, July 11th! Surprise her good! And you can still send one to Josh for his 1st birthday even if it's late. It's for the future anyway, 'cause I'm pretty sure he can't read or even cares about the cards at age 1! :) Thanks Mike for posting your address, 'cause I didn't want to share without permission. Thanks for commenting, too. I was tickled.

Juli said...

Joshua enjoyed his cards! Thank you so much! I kept the cards for his memory scrapbook, but he has been dragging around the envelope with the stickers on it since yesterday. He won't let the envelope out of his sight. :) Gotta run to Walmart today to buy the burgers, buns, chips, cake mix etc for the cookout tomorrow. Lots of work -- but at least it's the fun kind!