Friday, August 26, 2005

But I don't wanna!

Have you ever just felt like saying "No!" to something you know you have to do? I feel that way right now. I feel like a petulant child whining "But I don't wanna!" This is gonna hurt if I do this...Image hosted by

I have been working on another doily the past few days. It's a strange one for me as it's more "square" than it is round. You can find an online pattern here, but I am working the pattern from the one printed in Old-Time Crochet, Summer 1993. It's the same pattern, but the instructions are abbreviated a little bit in the online version.

I'm on Round 10 of 17 Rounds and it has been a challenging round since "flowers" are formed in this round. I was on the 3rd flower and realized it's not aligning itself correctly in the corner I just made (3rd of 4). And of course, this brought me to the realization that there was a mistake in my doily...back at Round 6! Image hosted by Can you say, or rather SCREAM "ACK!" Here it is as it's being worked up, unblocked of course... Four-Square Doily

Do you know how much I DON'T want to frog this? Image hosted by Do you know that I am actually considering "improvising" it to make it work? But of course I know it won't work! It won't block correctly if I don't fix this. And I was planning on giving this to someone.

As I was considering NOT frogging it, my 7 year old daughter Kelley offers her young perspective..."You have to frog it. You can't give it to someone with a mistake in it!" And of course she is right. I just can't give it away with this mistake in it. Although I haven't blocked it yet, I'm sure it won't square up right if I don't fix it. So, I will grit my teeth, hold the tears back, and rip-it, rip-it, rip-it....(sniff, sniff)...As I'm ripping it, dear daughter says, "Oh, don't be so dramatic" Oh my. I remember saying that to her yesterday...they pick up things so fast, don't they. Little sponges.

Ok, it's frogged. Had DD help me...she got kinda weepy, too... Image hosted by and let me tell you, this is SAD! Look how SMALL it is now! All that work....GONE!

Image hosted by I don't know if you can see the mistake, but where I ended the frogging is where I missed placing 2 tr in the tr from the previous row. It made a difference. So back I go to re-do last night's work... Image hosted by

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Debi said...

Oh I'm so sorry! It's hard not to be dramatic over frogging that! But in your heart, you'll be glad when it's finished AND perfect.