Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Knitting Images!

It's funny how one can jump from one website to another (The Blog World, you know) and then lose track eventually of how you even got to where you ended!

But I didn't wander off too far to not be able to find my way back. Reading an older (Sept. 9th!) digest from the Fibre RAOK list, I came upon a "thank you" to Anastacia (Granny Square Woman) for a "knitting-themed" e-card. Curious, I went to check out Granny Square Woman's blog, hoping to find some crumb of information there. Well, look at this crumb she left behind! I feel like I landed in a Knitter's heaven of sorts when I ended up here! Of course, don't forget to visit A Good Yarn's homepage!

Enjoy! And thank you, Anastacia, for sharing it with us!

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