Thursday, November 3, 2005

You Need A Laugh Today?

I needed a little laughter today. An issue of "babytalk" came in the mail today, and I was immediately laughing at this month's winning confession under "Momspeak", p.17.

"Whenever my kids have a bug bite or skin irritation, they want instant relief. Since I'm a slacker mom, I just rub their skin with whatever is in reach, such as hand lotion, antacid, toothpaste, hair gel, and even vaginal itch cream. They always work and my kids think I can make their boo-boos better."

Oh my goodness. "Slacker mom" is funny enough, but "vaginal itch cream"?!!! Oh I was dying laughing. And to think the children were none the wiser as to what was being put on their itches (I'm assuming these are itchy children who can't READ yet! Can you imagine the horror a 13 year old might feign if he knew his mom put vaginal itch cream on his itch??? Oh, ok, this is a BABY magazine. So we can assume these are toddlers or thereabouts.

Another laugh I received was when I saw these super cool door hangers mentioned in this issue of "babytalk". My favorite door hanger would have to be the one that says

"I'm not playing hard-to-get. I really want you to go away."

You can check them out further at This is now one of my favorite places for gifts! Check them out! Such cool stuff!

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scrapbookmom said...

That's funny!!!! I guess whatever works. LOL

Cute blog!