Thursday, December 22, 2005

Where Do You Do It?

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about crocheting and knitting!

I saw this over at Dawn's blog and thought it a fun looksy into other yarny's lives. I wish someone could maintain a central list of the posts showing each other's "spot".

Well, without further ado, here's where I do it!

This first pic is my chair in our living room. I love this chair! When hubby and I bought our recliners about 5 years ago, I discovered that you truly have to SIT in the chair you are thinking of buying. I didn't know this. It was my first recliner. The one I really liked at the store, and thought was huge and comfy-looking, did not "fit" me at all! My feet didn't reach the floor and my head was pushed forward because of where it hit the cushion on the back of the chair. I felt like Goldilocks trying out the 3 chairs. "This chair is too big!" (We did still get that chair, though. It was perfect for tall DH!) And then when I found the one pictured here...oh wow! "This one is juuusssttt right!" And this is where I sit when I crochet or knit or any craft that allows me to sit without a table in front of me.

I have a small tiered basket of threads and small skeins of "fun" yarns to my right on my great-grandmother's marble-topped table. Bookshelves are to my left which hold SOME of my crochet books. Well, it probably holds all my crochet books, just not my magazine collection. Too many magazines!

Then moving on around to the TV by the bookshelves, I have my crochet hooks and knitting needles displayed on top of the TV (can you tell what I was watching at 3 am?) with a 3-tiered basket set beside the TV holding some of my yarn (the smaller and prettier skeins - this is by no means my yarn collection. Ask DH! He just suggested the other day that I clean these baskets out because they were overflowing and messy-looking! He was right, too.)

Then if you move on past the TV, to the other side of the front door, my small desk sits where I sometimes crochet while reading email and surfing the 'net. And you know, I thought my desk was relatively neat, but look down there on the floor! I see a skein of yarn hiding on the floor under my harddrive! I didn't even know it was there! It's amazing what you can "see" when you take a picture of it. Or maybe it's amazing what you DON'T see until you take a picture!

So that's where I do it. Now tell me, Where do you do it?


Rebecca said...

on the couch! (even if your mind is in the gutter *giggle)

doreen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I agree that there should be some centrally located place for where we do it! I'm intensly interested in other's spaces. It's personal to post, and you open yourself up to a little exposure, but it's neat, and frankly I've gotten some ideas of things I'd like to do in my space. I love your tiered baskets standing on the floor. I doubt it would fit with my decor, but I think it's the neatest thing.