Monday, January 2, 2006

Dream Home

HGTV is having a Dream Home giveaway. I am watching the program right now where they highlight all the rooms and wonderful aspects of this home...and I'm drooling. Or rather dreaming. But hey, a girl can dream! It's even in nearby beautiful North Carolina.

I had to share something that made me chuckle while watching the show. You yarnies will appreciate this. Among its many awesome features, this home has a gorgeous wine cellar. The 'wine' aspect of it wasn't what excited me. The sight of all those cubby holes and niches for wine bottles is what excited me....all I could see in my mind's eye was a dream home for all my YARN! If I actually won this home, you know, I think that's what I would do with that wine cellar. I'd have an awesome yarn room!

Ahhhh.......(the sound of me dreaming.....)


Sorka said...

hands off baby!! That's my house!
heheh no yarn in the wine cellar!! well.. hmm.. mabye.
it is only steps away from the project room.

Karla said...

LOL, Denise! Uh oh, looks like a fight is going to break out! LOL That's a GORGEOUS home, isn't it? My daughter's are whining that that's their house, you can't have it. LOL But hey, girl, the house is humongous enough BOTH our families could live there! (I'll take the main house...)