Monday, March 27, 2006


I was so excited to see that Chelle shared this cute pattern of hers over at Crochet Me! Her girls are so adorable and I love to see what new fashions she creates for them. I'm making summery caps/hats and scarves for our annual "Bloomin' Festival" on April 15th and so I'm in the hat mode and would love to make one of these for one of my girls. Of course, it'll turn out that I have to make one for EACH of them! You mommies know how THAT is!

Also, I think I might have just jumped on the Summer Scarf Exchange train over at Crochetville. I think Julie will be coordinating partners tonight, so I think I might have just made it! It's a perfect swap since I'm also in the summery scarf making mode, too! Check it out!

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