Thursday, April 6, 2006


Some of you know that I enjoy stamp collecting. I'm not one to collect EVERY stamp put out by the USA, though I did collect full years occasionally in the past. But then I discovered Topical stamp collecting...collecting topics or themes in which one is interested. My favorite topical stamps are flowers, birds, insects and the LOVE stamps the USA begin issuing in February beginning in the 70's I believe.

Well, I discovered that the UK had a LOVE stamp this year! I discovered this when I was viewing submitted envelopes at the Envelope Collective website. A woman there submitted an envelope with a LOVE stamp on it. Fortunately, she had also included her email address on her envelope. So I emailed her. I asked if she ever had any mail she would throw away that bore that stamp, if she wouldn't send it to me. She replied and agreed to do that. Well, look what came today! Not just the LOVE stamp but also flower stamps! And I love the stamp with the two hands forming a heart. It is a stamp honoring blood donors. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! (This is the 3rd "Elizabeth" I have mentioned since yesterday...does this mean something? Running into that name so frequently?)

Stamps from Elizabeth G. in Canada!

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