Monday, July 10, 2006


Finally, it's gone! The toys I crocheted for the Crochetville Toy Swap, that is! And by "gone" I mean "MAILED"! Life's circumstances have just put me behind on my swaps at C'ville and it feels good to finally have the Toy Swap out. Tina has been very patient with me. I've just been feeling awful for putting her through the wait. I know what it means to be a swapper and to get your swaps out on time and to also receive them on time! I know how it feels to receive a package late. Overall, I feel I've been a good swapper in my history at Crochetville, but these past couple of months...well, life happens, right?! I'd much rather be considered a late swapper than a swapper that doesn't send at all or drops out making someone else pick up the slack. And no, I'm not judging anyone who does have to drop out. Sometimes that's the more gracious thing to do because then an "angel" could be rounded up and a package sent to the person quicker than waiting for someone like me! I really don't want to be known as a late swapper either.

I need to catch up on my Kitchen/Bath Swap to Cindy. Thankfully it's not as late as the Toy Swap. But still late. Cindy graciously let me finish one more project I want to include in her boxie before mailing off. I mean she could receive two packages if she wanted, but I'm glad I can send it all in one.

After the Accessories Swap, due to ship out by Saturday the 15th, I will be finished with my swap obligations over at C'ville. I saw the Doily Swap started, but I will rest from them and just participate in the little paper swaps over at Swap-bot for a little while. Stickers, Cards, Postcards, that sort of thing. And of course, Postcrossing. Nothing that requires a lot of money and still a little something fun in the mail. Maybe I'm just going through a "don't feel like crocheting" spell. It'll pass.

Ok, off to finish my Kitchen/Bath Swap!


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I've been tempted by the doily swap as well...but like you I'm all swapped out. I just finished 2 which I completely early because I knew if I didn't they'd never get done.

Tina said...

Karla, thank you for being able to send the toys out. I didn't say anything to the boys about it. So it's not like they were 'expecting' them, and felt let down, or whatever. :) I'm glad you were able to send them, and thank you! :)