Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Gracie will be only 2 months old on Friday, December 4th.  But tonight I was so excited to see her ROLL OVER !  She was laying on her stomach and rolled over to her back.  I jumped up and down with her excitedly telling her how proud I was of her and telling her how she is gonna be waiting for noone in life.  She will do just WHAT she wants WHEN she wants!  Wow!  I'm thinking it's too early for her to be rolling over.

I'm going to check Kelley's baby book (where I recorded EVERY first!) and see when Kelley first rolled over.  I can still see it in my mind's eye...we were living in Dahlonega, GA and she was laying on a blanket on the floor, and she simply rolled over onto her back.  I couldn't lay her on her stomach anymore after was always on her back she wanted to be.  Perhaps because it was easier to scoot everywhere on her back than it was to get up and crawl from a stomach position!  :)  I can see her again with that little back scoot she would use to get everywhere she wanted to go.  It was so funny to watch.

So now it's Gracie's turn!  I wonder if she will develop that back-scootin' transportation.  Go, Gracie, Go!

October 31, 2009
used with permission by Nicholson Photography, Metter, GA

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