Monday, February 21, 2011


Today was another beautifully warm day.  It did try to rain today, but the sun prevailed and pushed the clouds away.  It made for an enjoyable ride to the hospital this morning.  Tommy's surgery was today to remove a disc in his back behind his neck/shoulder area.  It actually went very quickly, an hour, and the doctor said all went well.  When we got to go to Tommy's room, he was sipping on some soup and looked really well for having just come out of surgery!  He said he felt good and he looked good.  Such a sweet relief.  We should be bringing him home tomorrow.

After I got home this afternoon, I took a picture of our driveway.  Yesterday's "art" from the children was still visible, and I really got a kick out of Jessica's drawing of her brother TJ.  Especially when I remember seeing how she obtained that "drawing".  She had him lay down on the driveway and she did a chalk outline of him.  I couldn't help but think how strange that outline might look to passerbys.  Thankfully, she colored it in and it didn't look so much like a police outline.  :)

Jessica's Chalk Art of her Brother TJ, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

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