Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

It's May!  The first day of May!  Happy May Day!

I went to bed about 2 am.  Woke up around 5 am.  Couldn't go back to sleep.  So finally got up at 6 after listening to all those thoughts running around in my head about all the things I need to do today.  Or at least should do today.  So much stuff in my head!  I got up and knocked out some work I needed to email to my supervisor this morning.  Ate a bit of breakfast sometime in there...boiled egg, wheat toast with strawberry jam, and a kiwi.  Quite tasty.  It's been 3 hrs since that bit of food however, so I'm thinking it's time to eat something else.  I think it will help in keeping my good mood evened out during the day if I eat small meals often.  And more water!  Less tea.  (I love McDonald's sweet tea, you see.  Could drink 4 or 5 of those large cups in an 18 hr period!  So, less tea .... )  Children are still asleep, but they'll be up any minute now...I can FEEL it.  It's a sunny hot day already.  And I need to begin on those other tasks that were running through my head at 5 o'clock this morning.  Strangely, I can't seem to remember all those "things to do" that were keeping me awake!  Figures.

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