Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crocheters need to blog more often, I'm told

Hi everyone!

Well, I was reading a new-to-me blog today, and as a crocheter felt gently reprimanded that I should blog more frequently, and not just "update sometime", as Becky put it. Reportedly, knitters' blogs are much more numerous and updated more frequently than crocheters' blogs. My answer to that: crocheters are too busy whipping up more projects and aren't able to type at the same time, so therefore, their posts are less frequent. ha! ha! Sounded good to me. :-) Hey - I knit, too. Not as frequently as crocheting (speed issue) but it's not foreign to me. I enjoyed reading your blog, Becky, and will read more later...I've got to update my blog right now.

Well, I would except baby TJ is crying! Ha!Ha! Isn't that they way it goes? So I'll be back later! :-)

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