Friday, December 17, 2004

Just a little bit of chatting

Keeping with the theme of "Crocheters need to blog more often", I am purposely sitting down simply to blog. What a silly-looking word. I like "journal" better. I'm sitting down to journal my thoughts.

Tonight it is cold in Georgia. I hear the gentle hum of the heat running. I had to put a blanket down at the foot of our front door as I could FEEL the cold air coming in! This small home was built in the 50's and believe me, the doors show it! They're not fitted tightly. The Christmas yard and house decorations have been turned off and all is quiet on the street in our neighborhood. But then it is almost 1 am!

Yesterday, I was working on a purple hat for my little girl. She loves purple. Actually, it was for another little girl whom I don't know, and I just chose the purple Lustersheen to use because I liked the color. But I had to get my 3 year old to try the hat on for fit to see if it might fit this unknown-to-me 4 year old whom I'm assuming has about the same size head as my 3 year old. I could be way off....who knows? But of course, after seeing the hat and trying it on, my Jessica tells me to make her a purple hat. So perhaps she will get this purple hat and I will make a neutral colored hat (ivory) for this unknown little girl. It will go with everything and is 'safer' a color to give someone whom you don't know.

I have Holiday cards to send off. It seems I always wait until the last moment to send them. But I like to write more than just "Love, The Cardell Family" and so tend to take a little more time just 'doing' the cards that perhaps I tend to put it off not looking forward to the time involved. But I write quite a few to family and friends I haven't been in contact with frequently and so I guess I feel I have to 'catch up' in a card. I must get started on that soon. I figure that I have until next Tuesday to mail my cards if I want them to be received before Christmas. Oh my, Tuesday is only 5 days away! I know I should just sit down and DO IT! I will.

Crochet-wise, I don't have anything else going on besides these two hats. Oh, I had plenty of dreams and projects in mind to give to friends and family for the holidays, but I guess I am discovering that I truly have a procrastinating streak in me. I have got to start making gifts for those that I want to make gifts for much earlier next beginning in January!

Speaking of January...I will be turning 37 on January 25th. Let me tell you, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! 37?????? I don't feel like 37. I don't know what ideas I have in my mind as far as how a 37 year old feels. But I know that I feel no older than I was in my early 20's! And you know something else? When I realize that I'm going to be turning 37 next month, all I really see is "40 is right around the corner!" I mean I don't even see myself turning 38 or 39. I see 37 and then 40! And what's so dreadful about that? Have I been conditioned to think a particular way about turning 40? Well, obviously so, though I never would have realized I was being conditioned as I was being conditioned. 40 is just another number. So is 37. I guess I just feel more in awe when I wonder how I ever got up to this age. I was just 18 yesterday! Sigh....well, at least it feels that way. I'm sure 37 is no big deal. I'm 36 right now (obviously) and though I still can't believe that, surely 37 is no different. But boy do I feel like I'm still a young girl inside....

Becky, I hope that you're reading this, because this blog's for you! I'll 'see' ya'll tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karla!

It's so funny that you've got this "Crocheter's need to post more often" theme. LOL. This week my goal was to blog everyday (M-F). I figure 4 out of 5 ain't bad.

Oh! I was re-doing the buttons of "blogs I read" and I wanted to put one up for you so I went ahead and made one. Hope you don't mind. No obligation for you to use it. I just didn't want a blank space for your blog. It's real simple but I tried to follow the colors from your blog.

(Blogger wont let me put the image in the comments so you'll have to stop by my blog and download the image if you want it.)

Oh and I sooo feel you on the age thing...