Sunday, January 16, 2005

A New LYS!

Well, I mentioned in my previous post about finding a new local yarn store in Savannah. Ok, so it's not so 'local' as Savannah is an hour from me, but it's as close as it gets!

I think this has been only the 2nd yarn store I have been in, and I'm not sure the first one counts. If you're ever in Savannah, Georgia, you have to check this yarn shop out! It's called The Red Needle, and it's on East Victory Drive. It was really easy for hubby to find even with three children in the car and one very excited wife. The owner's name is Mickey Landau, and I found her to be quite helpful and knowledgeable.

Oh! Let me tell you about her store. You walk in and of course see yarn, yarn and more yarn! All kinds of yarn! As I walked through the entire shop you could see she had a nice selection of various fibers and a very pleasing assortment of prices...not all high-end yarns nor prices. She also had projects actually worked up and displayed, and yes, for sale! I saw scarves and ponchos, sweaters and hats. She said that 85% of the items displayed throughout the store she made. Besides the yummy yarns, she also offered pattern books and supplies for knitters and crocheters and cross-stitchers. She even had a table or two with chairs and a sofa in case you wanted to sit and stay awhile. :)

I had a wonderful time in there. I almost wish I had gotten my first taste of the store alone as I think I could've enjoyed it and lingered more. But as it was, I don't know whose hands I was restraining more, mine or my 3 year old daughter's! She was in heaven, too! She loved all the colors and textures and was touching all the yarn she could get away with! I let her put a few in our little basket, but I think she thought she could just continue asking and receiving and I had to stop her! Ha ha ha! I don't know who bought more, me or her? Oh, I bought it alright, but she sure could fill a basket in record-time! I think I may have a little yarnie on my hands. :-)

I went in the store with a budget, and though I yearned for a lot of different fibers, I just picked a little here and there (most of it was to share with others anyway!) and came out of the store under-budget! Yayyyy! As I was leaving, I signed her Guestbook by the door and also picked up some Freebie patterns she had spread out there. They were for knitted sweaters, and I'll probably give them away.

What a wonderful experience! A little bit of something for everyone and even some freebies! Oh, and my daughters found a basket of loose buttons on a table from which they picked an assortment of buttons. The buttons were $.10 a piece, so even they felt like they got something in the store.

So check it out if you're ever down this way! The Red Needle in Savannah, Georgia - a yarnie's heaven!

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