Saturday, March 12, 2005

I am a "Lady in Waiting" - I need some help!

Friday was a fun day. I went to my very first meeting with the Red Hat Society! Image hosted by Well, I'm not supposed to call it a "meeting". It's a "gathering". Are we a bunch of chicks or something? Well, maybe so! Ok, so we're a "gathering" of chics! This "gathering" was held at noon so I heard that many who were interested were unable to come due to watching grandchildren or work obligations, etc. However, our next gathering will be in the evening at 7 pm. This works out just fine for me, too, as I am more assured of having DH home to be with the children and therefore will be able to attend more gatherings.

Ok, let me back up, too. I am not 50 years old. So I cannot be a Red Hatter. (I'm not disappointed, mind you. Image hosted by I'm sure I'll get there soon enough. I'll need the next 3 years just to swallow the fact that I'll be 40 then!Image hosted by However, due to my age-impaired status, I have been relegated to be a Lady in Waiting, and am allowed to wear the muted tones of Red (pink) and Purple (lavender) until I have aged appropriately. Like a fine bottle of wine, I suppose.

I was the only Pink Lady (can I call myself that or is that too "Grease"?) there today, but again, I think that will change when our gatherings begin to happen during the early evening hours. Meanwhile, I am the "Email Female" in the group. That is the lady who is in charge of registering the group and each individual on the official website. Sounds easy enough.

In preparation for the requirement to be in "full dress" for our next gathering, I went out in search of a pink hat today and a lavender dress or skirt/blouse combo. Pant suits are perfectly suitable, too, but as I'm not a pants person, and I am trying to fulfill the role of a "lady" anyway, I am searching for a dress or skirt. I found a lavender blouse I really liked, but not skirt. So I bought a pattern to make a skirt, and I think I will commission my neighbor, a seamstress, to sew it for me. Or I might just find some lovely lavender concoction before our next gathering.

Ok, I have to have a personal name for myself. Every lady is supposed to give herself a name. A play on words with your name. Such as there is one lady whose name is Elaine. Her Red Hatter name is "Miss Elain-eous" (miscellaneous). "Myrtle" may be "Crepe Myrtle". Martha is "Magnificent Martha". etc. So can anyone offer me some catchy name for myself? Something to include "Karla" or my initials "K C" (Casey?) You can use a prefacing name like "Lady", "Miss", "Duchess", etc. I thought about Lady Delicacy (playing off my initials), and although I was thinking of something sweet like candy, cakes, and cookies, I thought maybe that name could easily be misunderstood!

So any ideas for a catchy name? Help me, girls!

I will be sure and take a picture when I am in my full attire next gathering and share it with you all so you can see the latest "Lady in Waiting".

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noricum said...

I'm bad at coming up with names... how about Scarlatti?