Friday, March 11, 2005

"Lessons in French Courtship"

There's a new blog I've discovered and I haven't quit laughing after reading a portion of it. She's named it "better than hamlet - non-fiction essays on living poor and young in paris", and it's really very amusing. You must read her "Lessons in French Courtship" and the sequels. I promise you will laugh out loud. Ok, well, maybe I can't "promise"... But I found it very funny and could imagine her predicaments in Paris with those Frenchmen! Perhaps I could empathize with her and find it so amusing because she's a southern girl, too, whose open and friendly intentions are obviously misunderstood by the's a portion of the first "lesson":

"I come from the South. People smile, call each other “Sugar”, and wave from the front porch as cars pass on the street. We engage each other in conversations in the elevator and say hello when passing strangers on the sidewalk. This is no exaggeration.

I quickly learned that Southern hospitality has wondrous effects on the French population. Or at least, the male population. During my first week in Paris, five different Frenchmen followed me off the metro into the halls, allured by my Southern charm

Go to her blog to read the rest!

Oh, and btw, she is right. Her description of us southern people is no exaggeration. I've just learned to tame when I call someone "Sugar" because nowadays not everyone is from the south who's in the south and some people will just (1) look at you strangely, or (2) misunderstand you and turn into a Frenchman, allured by your southern charm!!


Emily said...

Hey there. I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for the plug. I hope your friends will enjoy the read as much as you did!

withahook said...

I use 'honey' for everything. I can't help it. I'm a transplanted northerner so I fell into using honey. It tends to have the same effect. ;o)