Friday, March 18, 2005

Puffy from my Coaster Exchange partner

Muriel over at Crochet Talk sent me some wonderful apple coasters which I received yesterday along with a dishcloth, too! Aren't these just the cutest?

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I haven't been posting lately because I haven't been crocheting much.

Plus other things have caused some stress job-related. But hey, my husband is now home indefinitely, until further notice. It's nice having him home! :) I can't really blog about the situation so as not to cause potential future legal problems. Who knows where this will all lead. But we believe it's in the Lord's hands, so we are trying not to worry too much about it. My husband has already seen the Lord's hand in it after he initially was fired. He was waiting 2 hrs to be escorted off the premises after he was fired, and while he was waiting he told the Lord that it was His battle, that he had done all he could in the fight, and this was it. He was fired after all. But he says that after he prayed this, he was called back and given a "Suspended with pay" letter. I don't believe this was coincidence.

Well, that's probably all I can say here. Just think about us and if you're praying folks, we could use them still. We know God is obviously hearing us, but He hears the prayers of multitudes on one's behalf, too. Remember when the people were praying for Peter in Acts 12:1-16 (spec. vs. 5) and an angel freed him from prison? Therefore, remember us in your prayers even if you don't know the circumstances. The Lord does. And thank you. Even if we may never know this side of heaven that you prayed for us.


Rosesandtea said...

Praying!! God bless your husband for doing what he feels is right. May He cause truth to prevail and righteousness to triumph in the situation. May He be your forward and rear guard, as you walk in His ways!

~Karen (rosesandtea)

withahook said...

I'm praying too. What a bad situation!