Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sneak Peak for you at Crochetville!

Ok, Fiona!  You asked for a sneak peak, so here it is!  Here is what I've called my "Foxy Scarf" (made of RH "Foxy" yarn).  I made it in the spare time (3 young children, ya know) I had Thursday afternoon/night and Friday afternoon.  That's a pin holding the scarf together.  I played around with the scarf and decided that if I was wearing it, I'd pin it together having the pin resting on the front of one shoulder, the two ends of the scarf draping down the front ...oh you want ME to model it?  Maybe...  but here it is meanwhile.  Oh, and it is 3" wide x 52" long and it has some 'stretch' to it.  What do you think?  Is it Scarf-Exchange-Worthy?  Or would ya'll rather I keep it to myself.  ha ha!  You can tell me!

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Rosesandtea said...

Great scarf!

Anonymous said...

Karla- that is soo swap worthy!!!!
love the color!
great job!

withahook said...

Karla, it's gorgeous, just beautiful!