Monday, March 28, 2005

Speaking about the South...Peach Cobbler!

Speaking about the South, I love Peach Cobbler! Actually, I like pretty much any type of fruit pie, some more than others. The girls and I got in the kitchen tonight and made a simple peach cobbler as it was really becoming necessary to use up some peaches. I had purchased a huge can of peaches awhile back (Kelley loves peaches - it's all I craved when I was pregnant with her!) and we finally opened them yesterday. Well, I couldn't just let these peaches sit in the fridge, so I decided to try to make a peach cobbler with them. Nothing fancy like a pie, and I didn't know how "canned" peaches would fare vs. fresh peaches (would they be too mushy?), so we opted for something that is almost 'thrown together'. All this cobbler entailed was sugar, flour, cinnamon (didn't have any so I used mace) and peaches. How easy is that? Oh, and butter of course! Can't have a cobbler without butter! We actually had enough peaches to make TWO cobblers. We'll probably take the second one over to our new neighbor tomorrow. We haven't met them yet and we like to take a dish over when a new neighbor moves in, introducing ourselves and welcoming them.

I got a picture of Jessie while she was making the 2nd cobbler. I should've thought to take pictures while we were all making the 1st one, too, but the girls stayed relatively clean during the first one! During the 2nd one, however, I noticed some flour on Jessie's nose and cheek and even her arm, so I had to get a shot in.

Here she is sprinkling the flour/sugar/butter mixture over the peaches.

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And then our cobblers!
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Ok, so maybe they don't LOOK very appetizing and might not make it onto the cover of a cooking magazine, but they taste heavenly! Remember now...we don't judge a book by its cover, and it's what's inside that counts! ;-) I wish I could give you a sampling of this, but I don't think it'll keep well during delivery time. However, my offer for a moonpie still stands from my previous post! Just leave a comment there saying you'd like to try one!

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azurerose said...

I like to use real butter, vanilla and brown sugar with a little white sugar in mine.

Yours sure looks very pretty and perhaps it tasted better than you gave it credit for.

Did you know that sometimes some of the beverages we drink changes our taste buds?

Love to ya'll!