Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thread Thursday

Thanks to Julie, I understand that there is a theme for Thursday (i.e. Snowflake Monday, WIP Wednesday...any other days?) and it is "Thread Thursday"! I like that idea! Julie also noted this website which features a Doily Pattern Series. There are some beautiful doilies over there so if you're interested in participating in Thread Thursday, go check it out.

If you like hearts, here is the "Hearts Around Doily" which I also was made aware of this week.

Of course, if you're interested in thread project ideas other than doilies, you might try snowflakes (They're not just for Mondays! Snowflakes also as coasters and potholders at this site! Have you seen this site, Julie? There are lots of patterns and links for even more snowflake patterns!), 1917 shoulder bag/purse, or maybe you'd like to make a tassel or two? Here's a cute little Finger Purse, a Milk Glass Casserole Cover and Glass Jacket, or maybe this sweet little Violets pin.

Thread is not just for doilies and snowflakes, you know! There are lots of wonderful things to make out of thread! For more ideas, check out these links full of additional patterns. But be careful - you might spend all of Thread Thursday LOOKING at thread patterns! Image hosted by

Hope you find something to keep you busy on this Thread Thursday! Image hosted by

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