Thursday, March 31, 2005

Have you seen

I am shocked by what I am reading here! Be sure and click on the right side table "For more myths about Terri, click here." Do you see how the money that Michael had been awarded for her MEDICAL EXPENSES has been spent, and who got what? Am I the only one that sees something fishy in all this? And if I'm understanding this statement "NOTE: In his November 1993 Petition Schiavo alleges the 1993 guardianship asset balance as $761,507.50" there should be a balance of $761,507.50. Then why is the total $545,852.34? Where (or who?) has the $215,655.16??? And do you see Judge Greer's peculiar rulings? There is so much more going on here than what is being reported. How truly sad this all is. How truly sad.

According to this site, Terri's feeding tube was only inserted at meal times. (She wasn't constantly "hooked up" to "life support". The only "life support" she was receiving was a feeding tube at mealtimes.) It also explains what PVS (persistent vegetative state) is and why Terri is not PVS though the news reporters consistently label her as such. Very interesting information on Terri that you won't hear from your tv news station.


Rosesandtea said...

Isn't it amazing how much misinformation abounds? I have long known that one shouldn't trust the mainstream media too much, but this case has dramatically thrown this truth into very sharp relief.

Natalie said...

Hey Karla -
I received your MoonPie today, and I just love the little angels you included for me! Thank you so much, they're just adorable!!

And the moon pie tastes similar to what we have here, but the packaging is different and ours are much sweeter, (think WAY TOO SWEET!) this one was yummy! Thanks for sharing!

Lulu said...

i am sick at heart that she horrible!!!

azurerose said...

I am very sorry for the loss and pain that the parents and Michael will now go through to finally make closure. My prayers are for their peace and to now move on in God's love.

Please keep in mind, none of are guiltless in our daily walk and we should not judge others.

I think we all need to remember that the only thing that is fact is that in the court order. Read that and then you will better understand where the breakup in the family started. Michael and his in-laws got along great until then. It was not until the court awarded "Michael" some $300,000+ for the loss of his wife and told him to go on with his life that the parents started the breakdown of standing together.

You would of thought had he not loved her, he would of divorced her, he had the money. But, it was Michael that knew his wives wishes and stood beside her to the end to fulfil those wishes.

I agree the media has long ago started mis-informing the public for the drama of it all and for the mighty dollar. Remember also that those that put up sites will list their way of thinking. Not always will you find the facts.

Dr. Kevorikian tried to humanly assist those with terminal cases to die with dignity and look where that landed him. Our country can't make up their mind what they want and each of us try to say our way is the right way. Who's right?

Wishing each of you sunshine and roses.