Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Who knew - The Green Tree Frog a Georgia state symbol?

Well, I knew I liked those little green frogs for some reason! I just read an interesting little article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, (which I'm not linking to and which I do not recommend supporting with your financial dollars, but you can blame DH for picking up a copy today. However, if you like liberal and blantantly biased reporting, you will love this newspaper. Didn't the AJC get an award for being among the most liberal newspapers in the country?) In fact, this little article was the most enjoyable piece of information that I found in the newspaper, not that I really perused EVERY article. Headlines, titles, and first paragraphs are enough for me to come to the realization that it's not worthy of my time. Once I read a reporter, not necessarily from the AJC, say "Control what the people read, and you control how the people think". Thank you, but I can think for myself.

Anyway, back to this wonderful tidbit in the paper (as I'm keen on those little green frogs), it seems Georgia lawmakers approved a bill that designates the green tree frog as Georgia's official amphibian. Ok, I've heard of state flags, state flowers, state birds, but state AMPHIBIANS? Do we have a state insect, too? Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hooray for my little green friends...you have a place in history now! Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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