Thursday, April 7, 2005

It came! It came!

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My Crochetville Secret Pal will be ecstatic to know that IT CAME! IT CAME! Image hosted by Your package finally arrived 8 weeks after you sent it! (She's in Germany) Everything looks great, and I don't see any damage to the outside of the box or that it had been inspected. I don't know WHY it took so long, but it's here!

I loved it, too. Lots of chocolate, toys for the children, and yarn and a hook for me! Plus beads and stitch markers! I was in heaven as I uncovered and unwrapped everything.

Here are pictures of everything my Secret Pal sent to me. Let me tell you about it...

The most interesting thing I found were these chocolate eggs with TOYS inside!
The chocolate was very soft and most were broken open because after 8 weeks in transit, the chocolate just had a meltdown! I can't say I blame them! One already had the plastic toy egg in the center exposed! So it was the first one we opened!

These are so cute. The plastic yellow egg has a little plastic toy in pieces which you snap together. And did you know even the little yellow egg snaps end-to-end with other yellow eggs to make a chain of eggs? It reminds me of a toy we have here in the US, but I don't recall what they're called. They're just little colored tubular shapes that snap together end-to-end like this egg-y toy does. How cute is this? Here are the toys that we discovered in each egg. Can you believe no two were alike?

I can't say that I've ever seen anything like that here in the US. Do we have something like these here? Perhaps Cadbury's could take a lesson if they don't do this already. But then their eggs wouldn't be Cadbury's because they're known for those sweet gooey centers that look like the white and yolk of a real egg. (I don't like them just for that center that looks like a real egg! ewww! I'll eat the chocolate, but throw away the center...I don't know why!) So I don't know what would happen if Cadbury's started putting toys in their centers...maybe then I'd...BUY THEM?! Image hosted by This is such a cute idea and the girls loved putting these toys together.

Besides the chocolate eggs with toy centers, my SP also sent these little squares of chocolate. Boy are they rich. Hubby enjoyed munching on these...I told him not to eat them all! But I think SP thought ahead and got one package for me, and one for DH. SO WHEN HE'S EATEN ALL FROM HIS, of course, I'll share mine with him.

My SP sent these two lovely red yarns to me. She sent it in February, so I'm sure she had Valentine's Day on the mind. These are gorgeous, and I think I'm going to see if I can blend them and make a scarf with them. You may have to be my supplier, SP, if I need some more since I don't recognize the brand!

If you look closely at that picture above, or just click it to enlarge, you will also see that she sent a beautiful hook! I've seen this hook on others' blogs and admit I've been a little covetous. This is a clear hook that looks like it has glitter throughout it. It's very pretty, and I am so happy to be the owner of one now. Thank you so much!

SP also sent beautiful beads (I love 'em!) and her first stitchmarkers. They're really quite pretty, so don't say anything else about them, SP. I love the green wire you used and the beautiful beads. I will definitely be using these stitchmarkers. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with me! You did a wonderful job making them.

I also loved the personal handwritten note enclosed. It's not often we see those anymore!

Image hosted by for everything, SP! Image hosted by I love it all and it was well worth the wait considering all the fun it held for my whole family! Keep a lookout for a future WIP with that gorgeous red yarn draping off a pair of knitting needles! Image hosted by

Thank you, Secret Pal! Image hosted by


Anonymous said...

Oh - I am sooo HAPPY that it finally arrived! And everything (except the chocolate melting - I was afraid of that) made it okay.

Aren't those eggs the greatest?? I always have to bring home a ton at Christmas or whenever I come home. Sometimes you can find them in the States, but they're officially illegal - the small parts are a swallow hazard, so the US won't allow them to be imported. :( Nestle tried to do a similar concept, but ran into the same swallow hazard regulation, so they just put candy in the middle now. Theres a booming internet business selling these though - if you try searching for the eggs, that's about all you'll find - not the website of the company.

Oh - and let me know if you need more of that yarn - I'll definitely send more! :)

Your very happy Cville Pal - who's not much of a secret anymore, but is still pretending she is ;)

noricum said...

Ah, yes, Kinder Surprise. We have those in Canada too. They're fun, and I like how there are so many different toys inside.

jodi said...

I was coming to tell you that we have Kinder Surprise eggs in Canada, but I see I've been beaten to it. If you ever want to try them in their natural state (not melted and smashed), I'm sure it can be arranged. And hey, I'm moving to Georgia in September, let me know if you want me to bring some down for you--that way the mail will get there in a couple of days!

Ana Banana said...

I love Kinder Überaschungseier! Makes me miss Germany... I was practically jumping up and down as soon as I saw the pic of them!

Too bad that they had such a problem with the whole choking hazard thing though. Oh well I guess that's what friends overseas are for, right? *wink*

Tiffany said...

Yay! I'm so excited it made it!!! :) Your package looks great! :)