Wednesday, April 6, 2005

I am not a secret anymore

At least not to my Crochetville Secret Pal, the one I was sending goodies to! Chelle left a comment on my blog that went like this..."Peekaboo teehee ;)" Can you believe it? Who told her?!!! Image hosted by

Oh well, so you've found me out, Chelle. The game is not over yet, though. Image hosted by

Today is WIP Wednesday. Well, I did have a snowflake in progress until a few minutes ago. Actually, it's not quite finished - I have to stiffen it! What do you use to stiffen your snowflakes, people? Glue? Sugar and water? What's the best way? I've got instructions to "place snowflake and stiffener in a plastic ziplock bag, work stiffener into snowflake, then let soak an hour. After an hour place it on a sheet of wax paper on a flat sheet of styrofoam and pin in shape." Sound right? This is my FIRST snowflake, guys, so save me some time. I'd love to hear about your first snowflake and how far you've come from there as far as hints and tips and what you do differently now than that first one. I especially want to hear from Julie, the Snowflake Queen (I've dubbed you!) Julie LOVES Image hosted by Photobucket.coms, didn't you know?

That blue scarf I had on knitting needles (size 13 Clover Bamboo) has been frogged. Can you believe I'd dare do such a thing? Well, it was turning out pretty, but for some reason I was ending up with extra stitches. I mean I started out with 10 stitches and ended up with 15 before I frogged it. "Rippit! Rippit!" Those wooden 13's are the largest needles I have, but I really want something bigger (so I can see those stitches more easily) and aluminum or metal or whatever material that is. Not plastic and not wooden...well, I might try plastic. The yarn just doesn't slide over the wooden needles too well. So unless I get RAOK'd with bigger needles (did that sound as funny to ya'll as it sounded to me?), I'm going to be shopping for some real soon!

I am working on a scarf for my Crochetville Scarf Swap, but I am NOT posting any pictures of it here just in case the recipient reads my blog! She knows I'm the one making a scarf for her, so she might be scoping out my blog to see if there are any pics to get a peek at. Nope! Not here! She has some interesting color preferences, and though I wouldn't normally make something with the color I chose, I'm hoping she'll like it since it is one of her color preferences or close to it, I hope! But I'm not even going to say what color it is! Image hosted by

So for now, I guess that's the news from this Georgia girl! Oh, but let me just add...the weather here is GORGEOUS! Spring, c'mon down! Image hosted by Oh, I'm not rubbing it in, am I? Noone is having snow, are they? Well, I love snow, but I am so ready for sunshine and blue skies! And that's what we're having! Image hosted by


withahook said...

Karla - much easier... take small plastic container (rubbermaid, ziploc etc.), water and a little bit of laundry detergent. Toss in finished snowflake(s) and start shaking. Now you're a washing machine. Shake for a few minutes, remove flakes and rinse well. Blot dry on papertowels. I use Stiffy by Plaid to stiffen my snowflakes, pour on and let soak for a couple of minutes, flip 'em over in it, make sure they're well and covered. Blot off excess on paper towels. Block on blocking board, pin 'em out and let 'em dry. If your board is portable, you should be able to prop it up in front of a fan (which I do because I'm very impatient). For a time reference, generally speaking from the rinsing of the snowflake (after the wash cycle) to the propping of the board in front of fan, I can pin out one snowflake in the amount of time it takes me to steam brocolli. I can put the brocolli in the steamer basket with one hand and shake the snowflake container with the other.

Jewels said...

I've banned snow from Winnipeg now until next November! We're finally having nice sunny beautiful days here, geese flying over and robins migrating back. It's wonderful and rejuvenating to the spirit after a long cold snowy winter. YAY for us too, sounds like there's a lot of sunshine in the blogger worlds these days.