Monday, April 4, 2005

Snowflake Monday

Oops! There are 9 minutes left to this beautiful Monday and I forgot it was Snowflake Monday! I haven't gotten any crocheting done in a few days and I think I will sit down and do something. Like a snowflake!

It was a beautiful day here in south Georgia, sunshine, blue skies, warm weather. I weeded a little around my lilies that I noticed are coming up. I can't wait to see them in full bloom. I love lilies! I noticed my rosebush has yellow buds everywhere. What a wonderful rosebush it has been. It blooms 3 or 4 times a year! You can prune it back during the summer, or at least cut off all the old blooms, and it will burst forth with new blooms in weeks! I've heard lots of compliments on it by people passing by. The Amarylis have buds on them, too. Down here we can actually set our Amarylis bulbs out year round without having to dig them up and bring them back inside. I'll never forget the first time I saw a relative who, instead of the usual daylilies I've seen lining gardens, she had Amarylis everywhere! I'd never seen them planted outside, only as an indoor Christmas-time plant. They are a beautiful addition to the garden.

Tonight was also the last night of the Beth Moore study I participated in through a local church. It was a wonderful study, and I would do another. I can't believe 10 weeks have passed by already.

Not much going on today so that was my little update. Now onto a snowflake...Julie, where's your snowflake for today? Oh, I see it now..."It's Snowing" huh? You had me going "What?" for a minute there seeing how we're in the same state! Good one!

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