Thursday, May 19, 2005

It's Mimie!

Look who left a comment on my blog! Well, maybe she's not anybody to you all, but she's very important to me! MIMIE! Ever had a pen pal? Remember them? When you WROTE a LETTER and MAILED it???!!! Well, that's Mimie! She's my pen pal! She and I have been writing since we were 12 years old! She is Filipino and was living in the Philippines (I still can't remember if that is "one 'L' or two", "one "P" or two"!) at the time and I was living here in Georgia, down in Camilla to be exact!

The Big Blue Marble. Does anyone remember that show? I think it was on PBS. But you were invited to send in a postcard with your name and address, age, too I think and they matched you up with a pen pal and each of you would get the other's info. Well, that's how I "met" Mimie. Minerva Bulandus, to be exact. Oooh, I hope you don't strangle me for typing out your name, Mimie!

Mimie and I wrote lots of letters. Then she wrote a lot of letters and I wrote few. Then I wrote a few more than her and she tapered off. And now we have email! I miss our real letters, but it's so wonderful to know that after 25 years we are still writing! And we do still occasionally send a REAL letter. I just surprised her with one! She has often sent cards and even little gifts to my little girls and TJ. She's a real sweetheart!

We've never met IRL (I love to use that abbreviation. I learned it from "The Net" with Sandra Bullock). Yet! She's closer now, in Canada, but we still haven't met. One day, Mimie! Now to get you to start your own blog!


Debi said...

That's so cool! I just love the way God blesses us with friends!

Have a blessed day!

Lulu said...

thats so nice Karla...

kelley said...

mom i want some of your buttons