Friday, May 13, 2005

It's official

For those of you aware of my hubby's work situation (he was suspended almost 2 months ago - not due to misconduct on his part, though they had to technically put something "legitimate" down as the reason, but as a result of "whistle blowing") he has been officially "dismissed from employment". Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Specifically that we would follow the right path in keeping up the good fight. This situation at work has nothing do with him, but he is literally speaking up for others who have no voice in the system. Hopefully, he is paving the way for the system to be changed for the better for future employees who want to do their job "right" and for those who "reside" there. Please pray that God will continue to meet all our needs and show us the path to take each day. We are a family with 3 small children. I thank you for lifting us up to our Heavenly Father.

Two days ago I saw this interesting post over at Stacey's. If you are interested in setting up a Prayer Journal, or have one, you might be persuaded to stroll over there and check out her post!

Finding her post was very timely. You see, after almost two months waiting to hear from the investigator as to the status of this situation, I was asking the Lord to show us where it all stands. The investigator had told hubby to "sit tight". Of course, after so many weeks, we were wondering what's going on with the investigation, with Tommy's job. The day after I asked this, Tommy got a phone call for a meeting at his employment and there he was given his dismissal papers. So while it's not really the answer we would necessarily want, it WAS an answer. So we wonder where this will lead us. I feel we're being directed to make the next move. Obviously, a new chapter in our book is being written. We're interested to see where this will go. But we want to stay on the right path and not get off the central issue of this situation. That is our prayer. Keep us in mind if you will.


caitlyn said...

Sending good thoughts to you and your husband!

melissa said...

I am praying. God bless you, and all those willing to stand up and do the right thing. It will not go unrewarded. <><

Jennifer said...

Hang in there, Karla and Tommy! I don't know if you're aware that Mike got laid off from GE about 3 years ago and now he is the most amazing middle school math teacher who is making a real difference in people's lives. We KNOW he is right where God wants him to be. Your faith will see you through this, I can tell.

Sedie said...

Hi Karla,

I'm sure all will work out just fine. Keep a positive attitude (which you seem to have) and know that prayers are answered as they should be.