Sunday, May 8, 2005

This Mother's Day

I am nursing a sick little boy.  He's 11 months old TODAY!  But he has a dry sort of cough and a slight runny nose.  His fever from last Tuesday only lasted 2 days, and we thought he was getting better, but after a scream-fest last night (him, not me!) and him not getting to sleep until 1:30 am, we decided he is not better.  Teething troubles.  His 4th bottom tooth has broken through and we are almost positive it is what is bothering him.  He loves to suck on an icepack we made for him.

I'm so thankful for a husband that willingly helps in soothing our sick baby.  We just pass him back and forth when we need a 'break'. It makes the enduring easier.  "This, too, shall pass", I know.  The "going through" it part is just a little challenging.  But like I said, thank you, Lord, for a wonderful husband and daddy to our three children.

As I sit here at the computer relaxing while he sleeps, I'm crocheting this Tiki yarn, if you'd call it "yarn".  It's a piece of string with chenille bits every inch along.  But it's a big hook and a mindless pattern, so it's easy to hook along as I catch up on my computer reading (emails, blogs, newsgroups...)  However, this was not a center-pull ball and it's a bit distracting to have this ball rolling around the desktop or eventually on the floor, so here's my momentary "invention".

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It's simply the ball of Tiki resting on top of a Bic pen.  It now spins so effortlessly as I crochet away.  I can't say what it is I'm crocheting...not yet, anyway.

My friend Jackie Watkins made that wooden pen/pencil holder for me several years ago.  She worked in a woodworking shop and during one of her free moments picked up this scrap of wood and drilled holes in it, creating this handy little desk pencil holder.  At the time, I didn't use it much.  It was cute and useful, but didn't fit my desk decor, I thought.  But I keep it out on my desk all the time now and try to keep it full (the little ones are always retrieving the pencils but rarely returning them).  I find it very useful now.  It also reminds me of her whenever I see it.  You see, she died in a car wreck 3 years ago.   I miss her.



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Tori said...

Happy Mother's Day. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon. I know if I had to cut teeth I'd sure be complaining :-).

I'm glad you have something to remind you of your friend. So sad she's not here but also a gift that she was!

Thanks for posting about my cute Maddie. She's a fun pup!

Jennifer said...

I hope TJ is feeling better today and that you can get some rest.

Jessi said...

aww...I hope your little guy feels better soon. I was wondering how that tiki yarn was....and that is a great makeshift solution! that is great that you have something your friends made you.
have a good day!