Sunday, June 19, 2005

Are you a Hillbilly Knitter?

Today, I discovered an amusing title for those of us who crochet. I was reading LadyLinoleum's "Monster Crochet" blog, which I discovered through Crochet Partners' list of blogs (actually, her blog is not on the list but is linked from one of the blogs mentioned at Crochet Partners) and there was this wonderful post pondering the question of why yarn is called "knitting yarn" (when it is the same yarn used for a variety of needlearts, not JUST knitting). I also discovered in this post that I'm a "Hillbilly Knitter"! Are you?


kahud48 said...

Yes, that I am. My folks are from the mountains--Carolina's--Virginia--Tennessee--Kentucky. I reside in Kentucky now, lived in Tennessee most of my life. My folks, I guess you could say were, and are, true hillbilly's.

kahud48 said...

Hillbilly crocheter, that is. And I use knitting yarn? LOL