Sunday, June 5, 2005

How well do you know me?

Thanks to Karen (Rosesandtea), I found this quiz for you all to take to see how well you know me! I took Karen's quiz thinking it was just a quiz for me to take and was answering it from my perspective (thinking it was about me!). I got the first question right, but when I got to her second question asking "Where do I live?" I noticed that my country wasn't even one of the choices! So I picked the next closest country (Canada)...ha ha ha. I'm ditzy this early in the morning, I guess. Not only did I not realize this quiz I was taking was about Karen (it wasn't about me!), but I didn't even figure it out when the 2nd question didn't even list my country and I answered it wrong! Only then did I figure out, "Hey, this is about Karen, not me! DUH!" Sorry, Karen. My score is pathetic (well, I did technically pass) but I do know you better than my score indicated. :) Thanks for the quiz link!

Now who wants to take it answering questions about me? It really IS about me this time. If you want to take the quiz and answer 10 questions about me, go here. I've also put the quiz link in my sidebar if you want to come back later. Enjoy!

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