Thursday, June 9, 2005

My baby is 1 year old!

And I didn't even give him a cake! Image hosted by Bad mommy!

You know, this phenomenon happened to my mom. Do I dare say that it happens to other mommies?

When your first child arrives, oh, you just dote on that child, take tons of pictures, keep up even the minor details of your baby's progress in her baby book, and DEFINITELY celebrate that 1st birthday when it rolls around with friends and family all around you. Image hosted by Oh how you love your baby and you let it show!

When the 2nd child arrives, oh you love her, too, but where's the time to take all those photos much less the space? Image hosted by Baby book... oh yeah! Scribble something here and there when you think about it. On her 1st birthday, I did manage to scramble a store bought cake together and a couple of gifts. But I think it might've just been her immediate family (US!) that celebrated with her. Image hosted by

And now my 3rd sure lots of them, usually with his sisters in the picture, too. Image hosted by Baby book: yeah right! Teeth have come in, he's learned to walk, he's eating grown up food, and I haven't written 1/4 of what he's done! Image hosted by And here it is his poor poor baby. No cake, no presents, no balloons! Just another day! (sigh!)

It's not fair for the children after that 1st one! (I was a second child - I know!) They're all loved, but there's just no time one-on-one like with that 1st one. I regret that, but someone please tell me that that is just the way of the world. Tell me that this is one of those things that truly does happen to every mommy of more than one or two children. Give me hope that I'm not a neglectful mommy!

Today (well, yesterday) I ordered a very small cake for my little one. After all, he doesn't need a big one. And yes, I could've baked it myself, but WHO'S GOT THE TIME WITH 3 CHILDREN? Image hosted by So I ordered a very inexpensive ('cause that's also part of the phenomenon of growing families - dwindling finances) cake with some little plastic balloons topping it. I also got him a little tractor and trailer toy with a cow to drive around. And that "1st Birthday" birthday card! We'll have a little birthday celebration for him, just the 5 of us, today. We'll be a day late, but I don't think he'll notice. This is, after all, more for us than him at his age, right?

And guess what? My daughter (2nd Child) Jessica's birthday is in two weeks, June 23rd!!!! Image hosted by She'll be 4. Oh where does the time go...

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Happy 1st Birthday, TJ!
I sure do love you and love watching you grow and learn.
I love to watch you BECOME!
Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Jessi said...

happy bday to your little man! i don't know if it is the way of the world...but it has happened to me. you're not a neglectful're a busy loving one :) not a lot of time or money does seem to be the tune most families are singing. at least we can say there is one thing we have a lot of - *love* for our babies!

marti said...

I think that the party ended up being just the right size!

Lori said...

happy birthday to your baby! It seems like you worked out everything on time!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday TJ. I know exactly how you feel. I have 3 chidren also, a 3year old, a 2 year old, and a 4 month old. It gets crazy around here. I TRY and TRY ti make time for my middle child every day. I would hate him to feel neglected when he grows up. DH was the middle child and says he was the invisable one...I HATE when he says that. I just hope Ben doesn't feel that way!

And no, my 2 year old and my 4 month old don't have baby books either....BAD MOMMY!

Rosesandtea said...

Happy birthday TJ.

I have done less for my younger ones, or at least am not as prompt in getting things done. I still have the "1st year" photo albums that I do for each child to do for my two youngest! And a photo collage thing of their first year to do.

Small parties with just our family are definitely the norm for our kids, especially when they're 3 and under.

Lulu said...

Happy late Birthday wishes for you baby..

kelley said...

yes he did too get a cake