Thursday, July 14, 2005

Crochetville Doily Swap

Crochetville Doily Swap

Today's mail brought a beautiful mauve-colored doily to me! I admit that I had a peek at it yesterday on Mary's blog when she mentioned over at Crochetville that she mailed it. I thought to go visit her blog and get to "know" her and yes, perhaps get a peek at any of her recent doily? I wasn't disappointed. I snuck a peek at a gorgeous doily which her blog indicated she had made for her Crochetville Doily Swap partner! Yippee! That's me! As gorgeous as it was pictured on her blog, it is even more beautiful in person! See! It's 12" around, too! A wonderful size. Its color fits perfectly in my living room. Thank you so much, Mary! I love it!

Doily made by Mary (dennymare) at Crochetville!

This pattern can be found here.


withahook said...

That doily is absolutely STUNNING!!!

kelley said...

the pink in it is absolutely a good color for one of those

Allena said...

that is just lovely! she did a wonderful job!

jaclim said...

Your doily is beautiful! Mary is so good with thread. I am always looking out for her posts of completed projects. :-)