Sunday, July 10, 2005


I think I'm going to buy a PDA. Any suggestions as to what I should look for when buying one?

I found some really pretty bags to knit for my new PDA.


carmen said...

Those bags are too cute! I love that deco ribbon. I had a 'handspring' PDA a while worked fine, but I only used it to balance my checkbook. I didn't use it for a calendar because it took too long to type with the little stick. I need pencil and paper!!!

K said...

I had a palm, and it broke the second day I had it. Unfortunately, I got it for cashing in airline miles, and... 8 weeks later, my cc company still hasn't replaced it. Lame.

Rebecca said...

i have a palm and LOVE it!! once you learn how to type or write on it... i fly right along. mine has little games to learn how.... kinda like the mario typing tutorial thing. anyhow.. i keep my calendar, phone numbers, memos grocery list.... um - EVERYTHING