Sunday, July 10, 2005

We're in the Kitchen

My 7 and 4 year old daughters unload the dishwasher as one of their very few jobs to do around here, and I couldn't help but take a picture during their recent activity. Look who else is in there!
Now before you turn me in for child labor laws, let me just assure you that I have a really sweet helpful 1 year old! He loves his sisters and is always wanting to be with them. One day I caught him helping to unload the dishes (after I unloaded any sharp, cutting utensils first), and I was amazed and amused. Imagine it! A 1-year-old boy taking dishes out of the dishwasher and handing them to his sisters! Image hosted by

Kelley did this. She was 3. She loved helping me whenever I opened the dishwasher to put away the clean dishes. I was so pleased that she wanted to help and even more pleased that she enjoyed unloading the dishwasher. So I let it be "her job". Yeah, I see you all shaking your heads. "Uh-oh." It wasn't so much fun for her anymore. Why is that?!! She loved doing something new. But when it became something she "had" to do, suddenly it's not enjoyable anymore. Why? Image hosted by Nothing's changed. They're still dishes. They're clean. It doesn't take long. But suddenly she makes it appear like she's having to pull a ball and chain behind her each trip from the dishwasher to the cabinet. Image hosted by

I finally have my Crochetville Kitchen Swap items ready to mail. I'm going to be 11 days late, but I hope my partner likes what she's going to receive. I hope she's not reading this either, 'cause I want it to be a surprise. Yet at the same time, I wanna share what I've been crocheting!
For PrincessTrish

Ok, so I didn't crochet those two white dishtowels in the upper left corner. Image hosted by I did try to crochet a dishtowel that went with the dishcloths and potholders, but I just didn't like how it was turning out Image hosted by and just felt the pattern was not right, so I frogged the whole thing! It hurt a littleImage hosted by 'cause I spent several days on it, but it was taking me too long to end up not happy with it. Better to frog it and let it go than to send something to someone that was just going to burden me forever, thinking I sent something "not right". So I bought some dishtowels to go with the set of two dishcloths and two potholders. BTW, the patterns came from the book "150 Weekend Crochet Projects".

I also crocheted two coasters in thread (can you see a "Pineapple" theme?) This pattern came from a Leisure Arts Leaflet #2611 "Classic Coasters to Crochet" (#8). Again, problems with the pattern, but I altered it.

The Little Girl Fridgie was inspired from this free pattern.

And I must admit that I've always thought a dress or apron to cover your dish detergent bottle was a little....odd. But I've also realized that every day that passes, my tastes change. So I try to never say anything negative about some craft, or pattern, or anything! Because before I know it, I find I LIKE that which I disdained! Or I do that which I said I'd never do! (But that's another story...) This is why you see a dress on the dish detergent bottle. I had to make one just to see what it was like! Plus I thought it would make a cute addition to the "kitchen" theme. Something a little different and unique. I found that free pattern here.

Hope my pal likes it.


kelley said...

well sometimes you have to frog it. because if you get it wrong you can sometimes leave it like it is or................. GET MAD AT IT (lol)

Rosesandtea said...

I love all the items you made!! :) I think dishsoap dresses are a bit weird but I *like them anyways*! I made one but now the bottles I use are too big for it - guess I oughter make a new one.

Tina said...

They are all so cute. I love the little girl fridgie, I almost printed that one out. I am so mad at myself I TOTALLY missed the Kitchen Swap. I hope they have another one, I'll definitely sign up. Nice job. :)

azurerose said...

Where can I get a copy of the pattern for the fine thread hearts?

If you are in the mood! I would love to have 6 of them *laughs*

I have been so bored in this heat(can't stand looking at these boxes to unpack!) and working on my blog with quizes and stuff.

Wishing you sunshine and roses

Karla said...

Hey, I guess they do look like "hearts"! They're actually a Pineapple Pattern and coasters. I will see about that order for 6 of them.... ;-)

azurerose said...

goody goody goody!

Happy Birthday to mommie, happy birthday to mommie

hint hint hint *laughs*