Thursday, July 7, 2005

She wants to learn to knit, too!!!

Ok, I give her an A+ for enthusiasm! Image hosted by

My 7-year-old daughter Kelley, who just learned to crochet a chain almost 3 weeks ago, Image hosted by and has been practicing her single-crochet stitch since Monday, asks me last night "will you teach me how to knit tomorrow?" Oh my! OK! Image hosted by I don't want to squelch any enthusiasm on her part and am proud of her for wanting to try new things, but am I a good enough teacher? There is no way that I can boast that my hours knitting comes close to my hours crocheting. And with what size needles should I start a 7-year-old? Image hosted by Any suggestions?

Well, let me get out the books so I can remember how to cast-on...Image hosted by What a teacher I'm going to make.... Image hosted by


Rosesandtea said...

Well done Kelley.

I think here in Britain they dont' use real big needles for children learning to knit. I think they use like a 4 mm and double-knitting yarn in the starter sets I've seen.

Did CNN show the program yet?

Sara said...

you will be a great teacher. I would think smaller needles for smaller hands.

kelley said...

well mom. i wanted to learn how to knit because so i can make a dishcloth instead of crocheting it. because i am not single crocheting it. i am thinking of frogging my whole chain sorry people.

kelley said...

thank you

Karen Walls said...


I am so very proud of you !!!
Don't forget to single in every chain sweetie. It really does make it easier on your next row. As for knitting, I just happened to see some knitting needles made just for your age !!! Keep practicing !!!! Maybe a little surprize later for your knitting.

Great Job!!!
Karen in Mobile, Ala