Sunday, August 28, 2005

Four Square Doily - Can I throw this out the window now?

This doily is definitely my least favorite by now. I guess I shouldn't fret too much because I have come a long way towards completing it considering I just started it Wednesday. However, that last visit to the frog pond was a little sad Friday night. And here I am to visit it again. It's not my fault this time, though! Really! The first time, I skipped a set of 3 tr. FIVE ROWS BACK!!!

However, in this current situation, I truly believe the instructions in Rnd 11 left out a "ch 7" because my Rnd 12 stitches are not lining up. Comparing my work to the picture (thank you for pictures!), there should be a "ch 7" before the flower which the instructions leave out!

Looking on the bright side (I try to anyway), at least it's only ONE round I'm frogging this time instead of 5! I won't put a picture here like I did last time. I don't want to depress you any further than you already are. Thank you for feeling for me...

1 comment:

Juli said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been in frog land. The doily looks gorgeous though! I think you're smart to start looking for an error in the pattern.

Good luck finishing your project! The end result will be worth all the frogging. :)