Friday, September 23, 2005

I want that!

Ok, I'd LOVE to have a pattern to make this! Is it just the Rose/Mauve color that attracts me? Or is it the cables? Or is it the uniqueness of this "cardigan"? Not your typical button up the front "cardigan". I don't know what it is. Maybe all three aspects make me want to make this gorgeous item.


Tina said...

Maybe it's the color? And the cables. A lot of times I just want it because it's crocheted, or knitted. I just bought a shrug that is knitted (I thought it was crocheted--duh!) but I've only worn it once since I bought it. That is the reason I think I buy magazines or books, too. 'I want that sweater!' But I still have yet to make one... (Maybe when the kids are older and all in school!...)

Ulrika said...

Oh wow, that's beautiful! I love that color, and the cables are gorgeous too! But especially the color. Yum!

Juli said...

Wow! that really is a pretty sweater!! :)

Hugs! Juli