Friday, September 23, 2005


Ok, Ok, I just gotta share this. God is truly AWESOME!

Early this afternoon I pulled out the very last diaper for my TJ. We needed more. We have no money. $3 in the checking account was it. So as I pulled out that last diaper, I stopped and literally just prayed. "Lord, this is the last diaper. You know that. We have no money for more. I don't know how I'm going to get any more. And I know You know all this already. I'm just going to trust that somehow, someway, You will provide the diapers or money to get more." And I put that last diaper on TJ and went about the day. But of course, in the back of my mind, I still wondered.

Now, speaking from experience, I have been on the receiving end of answered prayers, so I know it happens. But not everything is in my time, or in my way, and that's where the uncertainty comes in. Will He deliver? What will I do? Should I ask someone for money? Who? And on and on and on. Just NOT fully trusting.

Well, almost everyday the children run out to our mailbox to meet the mailman when he drives by. And our mailman Jerry is always so friendly and patient with the children. It used to just be Kelley getting the mail. Then one day, Jessie was old enough and she joined her sister everyday. And now TJ runs out there with his sisters to meet Jerry and get some mail. It's like a highlight of their day! And Jerry gives TJ mail, Jessie mail, and Kelley mail. We thank Jerry, wave goodbye (TJ being the cutest waver, of course, that little hand waving up and down. The girls don't stop long to wave, just a quick "Thank You" and off they go to see who can run the fastest back inside.) So we all go in the house to look through the mail.

Well, of course I take TJ's mail first before he drops it somewhere. He had two pieces. One was from MyPoints. Are you familiar with MyPoints? Well, I knew what this was and I got all excited and told Kelley "See! God DOES answer prayer!" She wondered what I meant and I told her how I prayed for diapers and THIS mail was a $10 Walmart gift card that I ordered several weeks ago with my points at MyPoints! (Isn't God timely?) So I eagerly opened it, whispering thanks, smiling big, and pulled orange Home Depot card? You know, if you could've seen me you would've laughed. Immediate confusion on my face. My mouth opened in stunned silence. Staring at this ORANGE card (instead of a BLUE Walmart card). To say I was disappointed was an understatement. When I first saw this mail, I was just SURE this was how He would answer my request. I barely remember ordering a Home Depot gift card.

Bewildered, and with this thought truly running in the back of my head "Do you still trust Me to provide, even in your disappointment?", I thumbed through the rest of the mail. Then I had this idea that maybe there would be another MyPoints envelope...yeah, maybe. My heart beat a little faster at the possibility, but I thought "Could there really be another one? In TODAY's mail?" Until my fingers thumbed to the familiar MyPoints envelope! I just sighed real big, laughed a little, and thought "You have a real sense of humor, God. Wanting to see if I REALLY trusted you?" Of course, I doubted. To be so sure and then to be wrong. Well, He really does have a sense of humor. I wish all people could experience it.

This second MyPoints envelope did contain a Walmart gift card. A $10 card. Money for the much needed diapers. But many of you who do know God know that He rarely just gives us what we ask for. He gives us MORE than we asked Him for. He had the final word in the mail drama this afternoon...What else should I find while thumbing through the remainder of the mail but another Walmart $10 gift card. Seriously.

You may not believe that God answers prayers. But I know from experience that He does. And each time He does, I'm still left in awe....


Julie said...

Karla that is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I too have been on the receiving end of prayers, you described it perfectly. Thank you so much!

Sorka said...

Amen! And hey that story tops my brother's toilet paper story..heheh
don't ask..


Juli said...

Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us...God really does do amazing things!

NS said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you for sharing your blessing with us.

Fe said...

Yes! God is really indeed a great provider. He does everything in His own time and right when you need it. And if we truly have Faith in Him, He gives us even more that what we have ask or need! I admire your faith and Praise God for what He has done for you!